Why water is you property’s worst enemy

Published 29 Nov 2017

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Updated 20th August 2019

Why water is you property's worst enemy

Water gives us life. It hydrates us, it allows our plants to grow, and it fills the oceans, rivers and streams that hold all sorts of life. But the abundance of water can be a double-edged sword. A lot of life’s modernities work best when dry, including large chunks of your property.

Rusty box gutters, leaky windows, holey roofs and badly installed concrete waterstops can all serve to allow water into places in your home or business that it really shouldn’t be found, and finding it in these areas can have annoying, costly or even dangerous consequences.

There are a few types of water damage that stem from a variety of different causes. These include:

• Sudden or accidental discharges of water
• Water backup from plumbing
• Water overflow
• Flood or storm damage

These underlying issues generally express themselves in two ways – either the water pools in one area, or it continually streams past part of your property.

Pooling water

If water leaks into your house and is allowed to pool into puddles, it can create a variety of issues. It might wear away at concrete or brick foundation walls resulting in the need for costly repairs. It could promote the growth of mould and mildew in carpet, concrete or drywall, creating a health hazard the will need to be dealt with by a professional. Pooled water will ruin floorings and will create an unsightly mess if the cause is left unfixed.

Running water

A leak that runs down your walls, through your foundation or past your property can quickly erode any materials that it comes into contact with, leading to a large amount of cleaning or repair work needing to be undertaken. While perhaps less likely to result in health issues, running water will do far more damage than pooling water, and in less time.

No matter what water damage your property might be subject to, Titan Waterproofing can deal with such damage as soon as it’s identified or before it begins. Call us on 1300 761 219 to assess water damage on your home.

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