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Wet Areas – Wall & Floor Waterproofing

Wall, floor and balcony waterproofing in Sydney is crucial to ensure that moisture does not transfer through, and likewise concrete walls and floors need to be waterproofed in wet areas to prevent water transfer. Many factors are taken into account when determining the best wall and floor waterproofing method, and we analyse the building and its location to provide the most effective and lasting solution.

Sheet membrane has been a chosen method for floor waterproofing. Sheet membranes can be applied using adhesive or by torching them to the substrate. Liquid membranes are self-adhesive and provide a continuous waterproof layer with no need for joining.

Sheet membranes are robust and heavy-duty, while liquid membranes offer flexible coating for tricky areas such as balconies and water features. We use our years of expertise to determine the best waterproofing method to take, using the best waterproofing products in the industry. Our application process ensures that overlapping membranes are watertight, and we will guarantee this service to ensure that the most exposed areas of the building are thoroughly protected.

Titan Waterproofing provide the best wet areas waterproofing service with the highest quality products, using industry and product knowledge to find the perfect answer to the problem at hand and achieve the best results possible with the highest levels of customer service. Titan Waterproofing Sydney has grown and diversified its services thanks to this. We are confident that our services will meet your expectations, so confident that we guarantee all of our Sydney waterproofing works to give you total peace of mind.

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