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Titan Waterproofing offers a complete leak detection and consultancy service. The signs of water damage are obvious, but remedial waterproofing is often needed to exact the location of leaks and to fix the problem using one or a number of our waterproofing procedures.

Our consultancy and remedial services pinpoint the areas of leakage to create a plan of action, solving problems in common areas such as concrete rooftops, balconies, wet areas, concrete spalling (concrete cancer) and podiums. We are able to fix issues with existing waterproof membranes and coatings, sealants, cement rendering, joint seals and flashing.

Concrete cancer occurs when steel reinforcements within building concrete expands, which weakens the encasing concrete. This causes the concrete to break, with dangerous pieces of concrete breaking off, leaving an unattractive facade behind. Initial cracks in the concrete allow water to penetrate and react with the steel, which is how the expansion starts. Our remedial work for concrete spalling addresses the damage with concrete and steel treatment, using waterproof membranes to prevent moisture getting through to the steel and causing further future damage.

Our remedial services are carried out by trained and highly experienced professionals, working in full compliance with regulations and using the best available waterproofing products.

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