Roof and Gutter Repairs

While we may be the torch on membrane specialists, here at Titan Waterproofing we specialise in all forms of waterproofing, including the repair of rusty and damaged roofs and gutters, particularly on large-scale commercial structures.

The cost of leaking roofs and gutters

Roofs and gutters are obviously integral in protecting any commercial structure from the elements, particularly moisture. They serve to wick off and catch rain and condensation that has fallen on a building, channelling it away to either a storm drain or a storage tank, where it can’t do any damage.

But if the roof or gutter of your factory or workshop begins to leak, it can open up your entire structure to debilitating water damage. Moisture can penetrate the ceiling, walls and foundation, leading to both a costly repair bill and your space becoming unusable. When you factor in the downtime your building faces while attending to a repair and replacement, the true cost of water damage can be incredibly high.

Keeping your business’s roofs and gutters in A1 condition can be thought of as a cheap form of insurance. By ensuring that they are performing as they should, and seeing to their ongoing maintenance and swift repair, you’ll be saving untold amounts of time and money that could otherwise be spent on structural repairs to your building.

Titan Waterproofing roof and gutter repair services

With years of experience in the field, at Titan Waterproofing we offer a wide variety of commercial gutter and roof maintenance and repair services, including:

  • Rusty roof repairs
  • Leaking box gutter repairs
  • Rusty box gutter repairs

No matter what state your business’s roofs and gutters are in, or what repair work you may need undertaken, you can trust the team at Titan Waterproofing to get your roof and gutters back to their immaculate best.

But what is it that your doctor says is better than a cure? That’s right – prevention. And here at Titan Waterproofing we can assist with that too.

The Alumanation solution

A brand new product that promises to be a metal roof and gutter saviour, Alumanation 301 is a 3-in-1 coating that can stop roof degradation in its tracks. This multi-faceted protective coating acts as a rust inhibitor, a heat reflector and a waterproofer, giving your business’s  roofs and gutters an unprecedented level of strength and longevity.

Advantages of Alumanation 301 include:

  • The coating is 15% metal (double the ASTM standard)
  • The shiny finish reflects 65% of the sun’s rays (leading to lower energy use)
  • It’s self-priming (you only need to apply a single coat)
  • It simultaneously acts as both a waterproofer and rust inhibitor.

The application of Alumanation 301 couldn’t be simpler – it can be efficiently sprayed, rolled or brushed on, dramatically reducing labour costs when compared with products that offer an equivalent amount of protection. And once professionally applied, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a market leading 12 year warranty!

Have a question about Alumanation 301 or roof/gutter repairs? Contact the friendly team at Titan Waterproofing today!


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