While we’re the torch on membrane specialists, here at Titan Waterproofing we offer a complete suite of professional concrete waterproofing services, including the installation of waterstops.

What is a waterstop?

While there are a variety of different waterstops available, they all work on the same principle – a material is exposed to either water or heat, and it expands into the concrete joint to completely seal it, creating a waterproof barrier. In the case of Titan’s Hyperseal D Series, this waterstop is made of a high grade PVC.

Waterstops come in strips, and are generally 5-7mm thick, 150-250mm wide and cut to length. Most, like the Hyperseal D Series, feature a ‘bubble’ in the middle that is to be centred on the main concrete joint.

Why should I use waterstops?

As with all other materials, concrete will expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall. In order to allow for this movement, expansion joints must be installed at certain intervals within any concrete structure. An imperfectly installed expansion joint will lead to cracking, with these joints then letting water into the concrete, opening it up to further damage. But this time the damage will occur on the inside of the slab, rather than on its surface.

Installing waterstops in the joint areas is a way to dramatically extend the life of your concrete. Despite being a tough material, concrete can quickly degrade when in contact with water. If your concrete isn’t well sealed moisture will gradually seep in, cracking the concrete as it expands and contracts with temperature, rusting your concrete reinforcements, and promoting the growth of mould. The joints of your concrete are perhaps the most vulnerable part of its construction, so by strengthening them you’re adding years – if not decades – to the life of your slab.

Where can I apply waterstops?

Essentially a waterstop is appropriate wherever you find an in-situ concrete joint that could possibly come into contact with water. Areas of application include:

  • Water towers, water tanks and reservoirs
  • Dams, canals, culverts and spillways
  • Basements and slab on grade
  • Tunnels and underground vaults
  • Elevator and equipment pits
  • Roof decks and podium areas
  • Parking structures

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Our team has the knowledge and expertise to not only install waterstops, but to complete all other concrete waterproofing work, including torch on membrane, liquid membrane and epoxy coating.


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