4 applications for epoxy concrete waterproofing

Published 24 Oct 2017

2 mins read

Updated 29th November 2023

4 Aplications for Epoxy Concrete Waterproofing

Epoxy is an incredibly hard-wearing, long lasting, easy to clean, chemical resistant and beautiful concrete coating. But perhaps best of all, it makes the concrete that it covers perfectly waterproof, allowing its life to be extended markedly.

So what situations can an epoxy coating be used for concrete waterproofing? Well, in reality, almost any concrete can be coated in epoxy, but here are the four applications that are likely the most common.


If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a modern-day workshop with concrete floors, it’s likely that the concrete will have been coated with epoxy. Epoxy is the perfect coating for this situation – it’s incredibly hard wearing, able to handle heavy traffic, dropped weight and chemical spills with ease. It’s also one of the safest flooring options available, with a grippy, non-slip finish that’s able to be marked with warning signs easily.


Concrete bench and tabletops have become relatively popular in recent years, and an epoxy finish can help to add an element of class to the piece. A matte or high-gloss epoxy can give the benchtop a unique and striking look, as well as waterproofing and protecting the underlying concrete.


Concrete roofs are obviously going to be exposed to the elements, and coating the concrete in epoxy is a cost-effective waterproofing strategy. But it should be noted that in an outdoor situation, epoxy coatings won’t last as long as things like torch on membrane waterproofing techniques.


Concrete pools understandably need to be waterproofed, and while this is usually done through the installation of a waterproof membrane, an epoxy coating can also get the job done. While epoxy won’t last as long as a membrane, it does allow for the pool to be decorated in a variety of patterns and colours. What’s more, some types of epoxy can even cure underwater!

There are many other uses for epoxy coating, but when we’re talking about a coating that has so many strings to its bow, that is probably of little surprise.

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