Maintaining your commercial waterproofing system for longevity

Published 18 Jun 2024

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Updated 2nd July 2024

Maintaining your commercial waterproofing system for longevity
Maintaining your commercial waterproofing system for longevity

Commercial property maintenance is a must, especially for buildings that would stand for lifetimes. Investing in commercial waterproofing systems is important to maintain the pristine quality of your property or building. It is a specialised treatment for your concrete structures, preventing water from penetrating and seeping into your walls and causing cracking, damage and deterioration.

Water damage does not only affect the durability of your structure, by causing internal damage to the structure of your walls, such as corroding steel beneath your concrete foundation. The damage could also affect the aesthetics of your buildings with stains and marks of water within your walls. This is why building waterproofing is a must.

If you have already integrated waterproof membranes into your concrete, do you know that there could be ways to further improve its longevity and effectiveness?

Here are five points to improve waterproofing maintenance.

1. Maintain coatings

Waterproofing companies in Sydney will re-apply protective coatings and membranes to act as barriers made out of chemical components that prevent your concrete from water damage and other chemicals present.

Re-applying membrane barriers that are utilised as a first line of defence that stops water from getting into the walls could also be done by professionals. These usually involve a positive and a negative barrier.

A positive barrier is the sheet membrane of the wall, acting as a covering for the concrete. A negative barrier is applied to the surface to contain water from a specific surface, preventing it from spreading.

Joint sealants may also be reapplied as they are liquid solutions injected into the small openings of the walls. It fills the gaps, especially in cracked areas, to prevent the spread and penetration of water into the walls.

2. Regular inspection

You may contact your trusted waterproofers in Sydney to conduct inspections at least twice a year, particularly when there is a change in season.

Most importantly, have your walls checked after intense weather circumstances, such as storms or heavy rains.

Maintaining your commercial waterproofing system for longevity

3. Surface cleaning

You may clean off visible moulds, algae or other contaminants from the surface of your walls that may be an onset of damage.

Lightly clean or remove them to prevent further damage from affected areas.

4. Ensure proper drainage

Repair gutters or clogged drainage systems that might hold and pool water from your buildings, ensuring that water flow is existent and that water is directed out of your infrastructure.

Regularly cleaning your gutters prevents clogging and is one of the most simple and effective ways to maintain the waterproofing of your walls.

5. Landscaping

Ensure that soil from your buildings is away from the foundation. Soils usually hold water thus, having them close to the foundation would only pool water to your walls and would eventually damage it.

If you also have plants near your buildings or they are placed directly from your walls, avoid over-watering them to prevent pooling of water.


There are a plethora of ways to maintain your commercial properties’ waterproofing system, some of them could be done regularly by maintaining cleanliness and regular check-ups. These practices are a form of preventative maintenance that would prevent further costly damage.

For more guidance or consultations about waterproofing maintenance, you can always rely on Titan Waterproofing Sydney! For enquiries, call us on 1300 761 219 or contact us through our website.

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