Why you should waterproof your balcony

Published 23 Oct 2020

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Updated 1st December 2020

Why you should waterproof your balcony
Why you should waterproof your balcony

It’s raining, and the balcony on your property is leaking. Does this sound like you?

Homeowners may be discouraged to witness the slow degradation of their balcony every time it rains in Sydney. Your property is an investment, and a leaky balcony not only harms your ROI (Return on Investment) but is a potential danger to the infrastructure of your home or building.

If your balcony is constructed from concrete or positioned in a high rise dwelling or commercial building, waterproofing is a necessity to maintain a safe, cost-effective environment.

Worry not, because there are reliable, foolproof solutions to your leaking problem! Here at Titan Waterproofing, we offer a wide variety of waterproofing options for you.

With years of experience and quality materials at hand, we strive to ensure the safety and preservation of your property with guaranteed reliable waterproofing in Sydney.

Water damage and your poorly waterproofed balcony

The vast majority of balconies are constructed from concrete and having a poorly built one causes water to pool in a central area. This collection of water escalates damage.

Water quickly seeps through concrete and compromises the balconies’ structure internally. This stage is when the well-established water damage is noticeable.

Water damage is a constant battle and is aggressive in nature; it spreads to new areas with every exposure to wet weather.

Homeowners in Sydney should take extra precautions, especially during rainy seasons. Always ensure the watertight protection of the balcony to halt any erosion process and prevent further damage expenses.

Identifying the imperative need for waterproofing is as simple as looking for the following signs of water-damaged balconies:

  • Loose tiles
  • Pooling or water puddles
  • Cracks, bubbles or flaking forming in paint or plaster
  • Water stains on the balcony or internal ceiling
  • Difficulty opening and closing balcony doors
  • Mould or mouldy smell

Once these expressions of water damage set in, rectifying the damages become a large expenditure. It is crucial to safeguard your balcony before the crippling results of water damage become irreversible.

Oftentimes, homeowners attempt to waterproof their balcony by themselves. Although this might seem more affordable at first, it does result in a long-term financial compromise at the homeowners’ expense.

The risks involved with poorly waterproofed balconies include further damages, mould and danger to the surrounding area.

Even so, at Titan Waterproofing, we provide quality waterproof membranes for your balcony despite the unrelenting water damage.

The advantages of waterproofing your balcony

Having a balcony is a sure-fire attraction to property investors and buyers. As a property owner, it is in your best interest to safeguard the area from any potential liabilities.

The safety of the occupants on your building is a significant concern when considering waterproofing.

Concrete erodes, which means the internal structure of your balcony is compromised with water damage. With this, the structural integrity of the balcony is a hazard as the joints and posts weaken.

The advantages of waterproofing your balcony

Waterproofing prevents this damage in structure from occurring, thereby protecting the occupants and surrounding parts of your building. It also strengthens the structure and increases the lifespan of your property.

Mould is a serious health concern and can cause critical issues when attempting to sell your property.

Once a mould infestation sets in, it is nearly impossible to exterminate the microorganism infestation unless you tackle the water damage problem at its core. Mould thrives in moisture build-up; thus, waterproofing is a fundamental conservative measure to be taken, preventing such extreme consequences.

Waterproofing will increase the air quality and overall health of your property.

Your property will thrive, and its value will skyrocket when actioning positive reinforcement steps to maintain its desirability and profitability.

A low-liability property is a luxurious asset to homeowners all over Sydney. Read our recent blog to learn more about the 5 Key Benefits of Waterproofing.

Choosing the right waterproofing for your balcony

Sheet membrane waterproofing is our chosen method of waterproofing here at Titan Waterproofing. Sheet membranes are applied by torching them to the surface or using an adhesive.

Liquid membranes, on the other hand, are self-adhesive and do not require joining as they provide a continuous waterproofing layer.

Liquid membrane systems provide an unassailable watertight seal, all in one scheme which is why they are ideal for balconies as they conform to different shapes.
It coats the floors, wall, railings and stairs without any seams or potential weaknesses. They are also eco-friendly as they don’t use heat or torches.

Water damage and your poorly waterproofed balcony

At Titan Waterproofing, we have a wide variety of waterproofing options for your balcony. If you are struggling with a leaking balcony, we recommend utilising our leak detection consultancy service.

We have trained and highly experienced professionals. Our team specialises in pinpointing the exact location of leaks, developing a plan of action, solving problems and fixing existing issues.

Once we have uncovered and repaired any immediate or underlying leaking issued, to prevent financial loss, bump up your property value and remove all safety hazards, call Titan Waterproofing on 1300 761 219.

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