Why does waterproofing in Sydney require a license?

Published 09 Mar 2018

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Updated 20th August 2019

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In New South Wales, it is required by building regulations that waterproofing is to be carried out by a licensed waterproofer. So if you’re investigating concrete waterproofing options and are looking for a waterproofer in Sydney you should ensure they are licensed to carry out the work you require of them.

Why is it so important that waterproofing is done correctly, to the point that there are legal requirements for waterproofing? Well, the nature of water is that it can find its way through the tiniest crack, meaning that, over time, even a small mistake in a waterproofing job can lead to rot, mildew or mould. These forms of weakening can damage wood or concrete, which can be extremely dangerous if these are the foundations of a property.

However, even water damage that occurs to building materials that do not cover the foundations of a building can be extensive and require expensive repair work, so it is important that waterproofing is done correctly from the start. Waterproofing products need to provide many properties to successfully waterproof a substance. They need to be able to keep the substrate dry, be elastic, dry quickly without forming a ‘skin’, bond securely to the surface to which it is applied, be chemical and abrasion resistant, and be able to be safely handled.

Furthermore, different surfaces require different products. Depending on the material it may react to water differently, or the context may mean that the threat of water damage is manifested in a different way. For example, in a basement you may be threatened with rising damp, while in a bathroom the problem may be that you wish to prevent bathtub leakage.

Depending on which situation you have would determine whether you needed a topical or penetrating sealer, for which there are also a diverse range of options. So there are good reasons for stringent standards when it comes to waterproofing, and it is therefore important to ensure that you have a professional, licensed expert to perform any waterproofing job that you want done.

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