What waterproofing is best for your pool area?

Published 17 Sep 2021

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Updated 29th October 2021

What waterproofing is best for your pool area?
What waterproofing is best for your pool area?

With summer months approaching, Sydney homeowners are preparing their gardens and pool areas for family fun in the sun. Maybe you’ve finally decided this is the year to build a pool on your property or you’re looking to do some upgrades to your current pool area. Many pool owners forget that your swimming pool isn’t the only thing that needs to be waterproofed.

The surface around your pool can impact the long-term safety and general maintenance of your swimming pool. The swimming pool wet area needs proper waterproofing to maintain good levels of safety and quality experience.

Sheet Membranes for wet area waterproofing

Sheet membrane has been a chosen method for floor waterproofing. Sheet membranes can be applied using adhesive or by torching them to the surface. This material is robust and heavy-duty that can last long-term.

Liquid membranes for wet area waterproofing

Liquid membranes are self-adhesive and provide a continuous waterproof layer with no need for joining. They offer a flexible coating for tricky areas including:
The torch-on membrane is very flexible and spongy. It is made of a crude oil-based hydrocarbon called bitumen and them modified with asphalt. This waterproofing mix is reinforced with a layer of polyester to give it its structural integrity.

• Balconies
• Water features
• Swimming pools
• Flat roofs

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How Titan Waterproofing can help you

We use our expertise to determine the best waterproofing method, using the best products in the industry. Our application process ensures that overlapping membranes are watertight. We guarantee this service to ensure that the most exposed areas of the building are thoroughly protected.

Titan Waterproofing Sydney provides superior wet areas waterproofing service. Using industry and product knowledge, we will achieve the best results possible with quality customer service.

We are confident that our services will meet your expectations. So confident that we guarantee all of our Sydney waterproofing works to give you total peace of mind.

For expert advice on concrete repairs and waterproofing in Sydney, call 1300 761 219.

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