What waterproofing is best for your pool area?

Published 20 Jan 2022

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Updated 30th November 2023

What waterproofing is best for your pool area?
What waterproofing is best for your pool area?

It’s never too early for Sydney homeowners to prepare their home and garden for Summer. Maybe you have finally decided this is the year to build your dream swimming pool or you’re simply looking to do some upgrades to your current pool area. It is important to protect your investment with the best waterproofing technology available on the market.

What many pool owners don’t realise, is the interior of your swimming pool isn’t the only thing that needs to be waterproofed. Waterproofing the surfaces around your pool will improve the long-term safety and ease of general maintenance of your swimming pool and its surroundings.

The swimming pool area is classed as a wet area and is exposed to rain and water from the pool itself. Tiles, concrete and pebblecrete that have not been waterproofed are at high risk from water damage that can cause cracking and lifting to the surface. All these factors can create a safety hazard and high maintenance costs.

With the changing outside temperature and the chemicals from the swimming pool water, it is important to waterproof the area with the correct method and product. Doing so will ensure longevity and overall safety.

There are two main methods used when waterproofing your swimming pool area and both have their unique benefits.

Sheet membranes for wet area waterproofing

Sheet membrane are the number 1 choice when waterproofing wet areas. These are prefabricated sheets that are made in a controlled factory setting, ensuring the consistent thickness of the entire material. Unlike liquid membrane systems that can vary in thickness during application.

Sheet membranes can be applied using adhesive or by torching them to the surface.

Liquid membranes for wet area waterproofing

Liquid membranes are a self-adhesive fluid product and provide a continuous waterproof layer with no need for joining. This type of waterproofing method is great for tight spaces or areas where a sheet membrane will not work effectively.

Liquid membranes offer a flexible coating for tricky areas and perform well with changing temperatures and chemicals found in swimming pool water. Liquid membranes are the perfect solution for:

• Balconies
• Water features
• Swimming pools
• Flat roofs

Torch-on liquid membrane is a very flexible material and is spongy to touch. It is made of a crude oil-based hydrocarbon called bitumen which has a black, sticky and extremely thick consistency. The bitumen is modified and used as a binder with asphalt, which is a mixture of sand and aggregates to create the base of the waterproofing mixture. A layer of polyester is then added to the mixture to give it its structural strength and integrity.

Which application is right for my swimming pool area?

Every area is different and there is no “one size, fits all” solution when it comes to waterproofing. It is best to get an experienced professional to inspect your area and decide the best option for your waterproofing needs.

titan waterproofing

How Titan Waterproofing can help you

Our highly experienced professionals are able to advise you on the best method of waterproofing for your swimming pool and surrounds. We use only the best products on the market to ensure consistency and a quality job done every time.

Our application process is second to none and we ensure that all overlapping and joined membranes are watertight. We stand by all of our work with our 100% service guarantee.

Using our advanced industry and product knowledge, Titan Waterproofing Sydney provides a superior wet areas waterproofing service to ensure the most exposed areas of your building are protected. We will always achieve the best results possible and will go above and beyond with our quality customer service.

For expert advice on concrete repairs and waterproofing in Sydney, call 1300 761 219.

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