What to expect during a professional balcony waterproofing project

Published 24 Oct 2023

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Updated 13th November 2023

What to expect during a professional balcony waterproofing project
What to expect during a professional balcony waterproofing project

Your balcony is an oasis, a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. But it’s also exposed to the elements, making it susceptible to water damage. This is where a professional balcony waterproofing project comes in. In this article, we’ll explore what you can expect during such a project, highlighting key aspects and the use of a torch-on membrane for effective waterproofing.

1. Inspection and assessment

A professional balcony waterproofing project typically begins with a thorough inspection. Experienced contractors like Titan Waterproofing will assess the current condition of your balcony to identify any existing damage, such as cracks, leaks or deteriorating surfaces. This step is crucial for creating a tailored waterproofing plan.

2. Surface preparation

Before applying the waterproofing membrane, the balcony surface needs proper preparation. This involves cleaning the area to remove dirt, debris and any previous coatings. If there are cracks or damages, they will be repaired to ensure a smooth, even surface.

3. Selection of waterproofing material

One of the key decisions in balcony waterproofing is choosing the right material. The torch-on membrane is a popular choice. This membrane is made of modified bitumen and is known for its durability and effectiveness in waterproofing balconies. It is applied using a torch, which creates a watertight seal.

4. Application of torch-on membrane

The torch-on membrane is applied in multiple layers, with each layer fused using a torch. This process creates a seamless, impenetrable barrier against water. The membrane is typically reinforced with polyester or fibreglass for added strength.

What to expect during a professional balcony waterproofing project

5. Protection of vulnerable areas

During the waterproofing process, special attention is paid to vulnerable areas like the edges, corners and any penetrations, such as drains or railings. Ensuring these areas are properly sealed is vital to prevent water infiltration in the long run

6. Quality assurance

A professional waterproofing project is not complete without quality assurance measures. This may include conducting water tests to ensure the waterproofing system’s effectiveness. Titan Waterproofing offers a guarantee on their concrete waterproofing services, providing clients with peace of mind.

7. Cleanup and restoration

Once the waterproofing membrane is applied and has cured, the final steps involve cleaning up the work area and restoring the balcony’s aesthetics. The result should be a balcony that not only functions as a waterproof space but also looks great.

8. Regular maintenance

After the project is completed, it’s essential to have a maintenance plan in place. Regular inspections and maintenance will help extend the lifespan of your waterproofing system and ensure it continues to perform effectively.

9. Long-term benefits

A professionally executed balcony waterproofing project offers several long-term benefits. It protects your property from water damage, which can be costly to repair. It enhances the durability of your balcony, increasing its lifespan. Additionally, it provides a safe and dry outdoor space for you to enjoy, free from the worries of water-related issues.

10. Working with experienced contractors

Choosing experienced and reputable contractors like Titan Waterproofing is essential for the success of your balcony waterproofing project. They have the expertise, use quality materials and provide guarantees for their work, giving you confidence in the longevity and effectiveness of your waterproofing system.

Working with experienced waterproofing contractors in Sydney and having a maintenance plan in place will ensure that your investment in balcony waterproofing pays off for years to come.

Your balcony is a valuable space – protect it with professional waterproofing and enjoy its beauty and functionality without the worry of water damage. For more information about our waterproofing solutions, call us on 1300761219.

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