Torch on Membrane – Best Waterproofing Solution?

Published 17 Sep 2015

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Updated 29th November 2023

Torch on membrane has been one of the most popular waterproofing solutions for commercial buildings in Sydney. It is applied to flat or nearly flat roofs, as well as balconies and walls. While this waterproofing method is commonly used for commercial buildings, but can be used for homes as well.

What is Torch-on membrane?

Torch on membrane is a mixture of polymer and modified bitumen that creates superior protection against water leaks. It can be applied by flame bonding or heating the membrane with a torch.
These bitumen membranes have been thoroughly tested to have high tensile strength and to withstand cold weather.
Advantages of Torch-on Membrane

This type of membrane solves leakage problems from flat roofs, providing a thick protective coating that keeps concrete watertight. It’s resistant to tear and puncture, so it can withstand traffic and weather conditions. It also makes breaks and leaks easier to locate when repairs are needed.
After installation

After application, torch on membranes can be coated with paint. Regular check-up and proper maintenance is needed to ensure that the bitumen sticks properly.
How we can help

Get concrete waterproofing and it’ll prevent water damage to your building. All too often little attention is paid to waterproofing and can result in costly repair. Prevent unnecessary expenses by getting proper waterproofing done properly. Speak to a Sydney waterproofing specialist for the best solution for your roof. Call 1300 761 219 or visit for more information.

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