The Importance of Concrete Waterproofing

Published 17 Nov 2015

2 mins read

Updated 29th November 2023


How important is it to waterproof your building? Do you know the potential consequences of poor or non-existent waterproofing solutions? Some people consider concrete waterproofing solutions such as torch-on-membrane an optional part of the construction process. Understanding why these methods are essential to a successful project will save you both money and hassles for years to come.

Neglecting concrete waterproofing can be costly

Earlier this year, the risks associated with cost cutting and taking shortcuts in the construction process – specifically with skimping on concrete waterproofing – made Australian news. In this example, the responsible party found themselves dealing with nearly $3 million in concrete cancer repair costs.

Costly And Dangerous

Perhaps even more concerning is the fact that buildings such as this one are a major hazard, and could end in fatal results. By neglecting waterproofing methods such as torch-on membranes, contractors are limiting the lifespan of the building – with clumps of concrete falling from Australian highrises everyday. Concrete cancer is inevitable if concrete waterproofing is neglected.

An Easy Solution

While some suggest tighter industry regulations, these (potentially fatal) headaches can be avoided with an understanding and appreciation of why concrete waterproofing standards exist in the first place. Employing a method like torch-on waterproofing will create a stronger building that will have the structural integrity to stand for many years. Other benefits include a healthier atmosphere for inhabitants by reducing mould and dampness, fewer maintenance costs and a higher resale value for your property – thanks to its long-lasting structural integrity!

Don’t cut corners on your next construction project! Titan Waterproofing have 40 years experience in laying torch-on membranes for concrete waterproofing projects. If you want to get the best installation and advice, talk to the Sydney waterproofing specialists about the best ways to prevent water damage to your building. Call 1300 761 219 or visit for more information.

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