Sheet vs. Liquid Concrete Waterproofing Methods

Published 15 Dec 2015

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Updated 29th November 2023

Do you know the differences between sheet and liquid concrete waterproofing methods?

Waterproofing Methods

So you’re choosing the best way to waterproof your commercial or residential building. Congratulations! By thinking about which is the best concrete waterproofing for you, you are extending the life of your building and saving on maintenance costs down the track. But now you are faced with a challenge. What’s the difference between the waterproofing methods? Step one for waterproofing is deciding between a sheet method or liquid-applied membrane. Should you go with torch-on membrane? Or is a liquid membrane the right option?

Sheet Membrane

Most commonly plastic or elastomeric sheets, this method of concrete waterproofing is bonded to the substrate

Thanks to the material’s high resilience, sheet membrane is ideal for high traffic areas. There are several methods of applying sheet membranes, such as with cement mortar, or by adhesive backing for the membrane. As prefabricated sheets are not produced to fit the area requiring waterproofing, special care must be given to correctly waterproof the membrane seams.

Torch-On Membrane

Torch-on membrane waterproofing is a method where the underlying substrate is torch welded to the substrate for the best bonding to the substrate and between membranes.

Liquid Membrane

This method of concrete waterproofing provides a more flexible membrane option than sheet membrane. With no seals, and no need for primers, liquid can often be easier to apply, however sometimes several coats will be required. Liquid membrane can be applied wherever sheet membranes can, and can also be applied to smaller or more detailed locations.

With 40 years experience in concrete waterproofing, the team at Titan Waterproofing knows which method is best for each job. If you want the best waterproofing for your commercial or industrial building, talk to the Sydney waterproofing specialists today on 1300 761 219 or visit for more information.

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