Selecting a waterproofing membrane: sheet vs liquid

Published 22 Jun 2018

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Updated 29th November 2023

Selecting a waterproofing membrane: sheet vs liquid

As any waterproofing contractor in Sydney will tell you, waterproofing concrete is one of the wisest construction investments you can make. If your concrete, a porous material, is left unprotected from moisture, its longevity will be seriously affected. A stitch in time will easily save nine – not only will the concrete last longer, maintenance costs will also be drastically lowered.

But once you’ve committed to waterproofing the material, another decision will arise. How will you waterproof your concrete? For many, this choice will become a race in two – sheet membrane or liquid membrane.

Sheet membrane

 A method of waterproofing in which the membrane is bonded to the substrate, sheet membrane waterproofing is generally constructed of elastomeric or plastic sheets – both particularly resilient materials. This makes sheet membrane the perfect choice for high traffic or particularly exposed areas.

Sheet membrane waterproofing can be applied in a number of ways, most commonly with cement mortar or through the use of a pre-installed adhesive backing. Like bricks or tiles, these sheets come in prefabricated sizes, so care must be taken to correctly seal the seams and cut the edges to fit the slab. Sheet membrane is most commonly used in large-scale, open situations.

Liquid membrane

A more flexible option than sheet membrane, liquid membrane utilises – you guessed it – a liquid waterproofer that dries in situ to form a waterproof coating for the concrete. There is no need for primers, nor do you need to take care in sealing any seams.

While it might be more efficient to apply a coat of liquid membrane, a single coat can be prone to leakage from uneven application, and therefore certain surfaces may need several coats before they can be confidently labelled waterproof. Liquid membrane waterproofing can generally be applied wherever sheet membrane can, and is better for smaller and more intricate work.

So, which concrete waterproofing method is best for you? If you’re still unsure, the team at Titan Waterproofing are here to help! With a wealth of concrete waterproofing experience, you can trust us to identify and install the perfect concrete waterproofing solution for you.

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