Protecting Balconies with Liquid Membrane Waterproofing

Published 15 May 2015

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Updated 29th November 2023

Balconies are part of any building’s architectural aesthetics. However, because it’s exposed to all types of weather it’s prone to water damage. Most balconies are constructed from concrete which is easily penetrable by water. If not protected, the moisture can cause the substrate to crack and erode.

It is essential that balconies are impervious to water.

Balconies are capable of forming water puddles that will penetrate through the surface. Without water protection, the damage will worsen and result in more expensive repairs.


So what is the solution to keep water from seeping into the concrete? Membrane solutions such as liquid membrane concrete waterproofing are recommended for balconies and walkways.

Liquid membrane penetrates deeply into the tightest corners. If a puddle of water accumulates on the surface of a balcony, the membrane will keep it from penetrating through the concrete.


This waterproofing solution adapts to any substrate shape and makes the area watertight protecting it from harsh weather.



Sydney waterproofing experts have proven the following qualities of Liquid Membrane Waterproofing:

  • UV resistant
  • Durable waterproofing – completely leak-free
  • Excellent for corners and edges
  • Long lasting

With efficient and correct waterproofing application, yearly maintenance won’t be necessary.

If you are about to have your balcony constructed and you need immediate waterproofing application, or perhaps a solution for waterproofing failure, call waterproofing contractors Sydney on 1300 761 219.

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