The most common problems associated with poor waterproofing

Published 21 Sep 2018

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Updated 20th August 2019

The Most Common Problems Associated with Poor Waterproofing

If you’re looking to construct a building that will last, one of the key ingredients is quality waterproofing. Damage from water can lead to extremely expensive repairs, as well as make the building a dangerous one to reside in.

Here are the common issues associated with poor waterproofing, and why you should contact waterproofing contractors in Sydney if you’re working on a building project.

Building deterioration

As concrete is a porous material, it will eventually become extremely damaged if it is not adequately waterproofed. Smart balcony membrane waterproofing can expand the life of concrete to between 25 and 50 years, as opposed to poorly waterproofed concrete that will likely only last several years before it needs repair.

The building can become very dangerous to occupy if its structures do become damaged, so it’s a very serious issue. The wood or the metal that is structurally holding the building together will rot or rust, and this is something that is very timely and expensive to fix.

Expensive repairs

While you may think that the initial cost of smart waterproofing is costly, it is a long-term investment that will undoubtedly save you money in the future. Water damage repairs are very expensive, so it’s important to remember that prevention is far better than cure when it comes to waterproofing.

Mould and mildew

Moulds and mildews are common problems of water damage. Not only will they weaken the structure of the building, but they can pose quite serious risks to the individuals residing in the building.

It’s imperative to keep the moisture out as best you can with quality waterproofing, so these don’t become a problem.

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