Torch on membrane: The ultimate waterproofing solution

Published 16 Oct 2019

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Updated 30th November 2023

Torch on membrane: The ultimate waterproofing solution
Torch on membrane: The ultimate waterproofing solution

Torch on membrane is a wise waterproofing choice for any structure that may be affected by water. In many situations, it is by far the best option. But what exactly makes that so?

Here are five reasons why torch on membrane waterproofing is the best solution for your structure.

5 reasons torch on membrane waterproofing is the best infographic

Total protection

It makes sense that a waterproofing material would be unaffected by water, but many methods don’t actually cope that well with being submerged or being constantly wet.

Not so with torch on membrane waterproofing – it can be utilised on the inside of tanks, buried underground or used as a lining for planter boxes.

The strength and longevity of torch on membrane waterproofing will provide the protected surface with more than just a barrier to moisture, but also to the sun’s rays and the worst of Mother Nature’s weather.

You can expect the underlying surface to stay unaffected by outside influences for the life of the membrane.

This makes it an all-encompassing waterproofing option.


Torch on membrane waterproofing is able to protect structures without compromising the beauty or style of the building.

This can be done by utilising any number of mineral finishes that allows you to match the waterproofing with the building’s other surfaces. You can choose specific options based on your style needs.


Torch on membrane should last as long as the concrete it covers. It has a stunningly long lifespan for something so exposed to the elements. And even if it does form a divot or crack, these imperfections are easily fixed.


While torch on membrane waterproofing does require the work of a professional to install, there’s no real noise produced, and the fumes generated by the torch are entirely safe to humans.

The puzzle piece nature of the installation process means that it is quick and easy no matter what shape or size the area is.

Unlike other methods, torch on membrane waterproofing can be used for very large areas, which makes it even more convenient in the long run.

All the good ‘nons’

Torch on membrane waterproofing is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-biodegradable and, of course, non-water soluble. It’s everything that you could possibly want from a long-term waterproofing solution.

Titan Waterproofing has years of experience and can help safeguard your property from water damage.

If you are in need of waterproofing and would like to know more about torch on membrane or other methods, contact our friendly staff at 1300 761 219.

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