4 Roof Waterproofing Issues in Commercial Buildings & Strata Units

Published 18 Mar 2015

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Updated 29th November 2023

Roof problems are one of the most costly and headache causing issues any property owner can ever encounter. No matter what type of roof you have – the smallest of damage could result in big repair expenses, especially in commercial buildings and strata units. To further maximise roof life, it is best to avoid damage caused by roof and ceiling issues.

In this article we discuss some of the most common issues affecting buildings. If any of these problems occur, contact waterproofing contractors in Sydney immediately.

1) Water damage from the level above

This is a problem experienced by many strata occupants. Water from faulty tiling or plumbing upstairs can leak into the rooms below, causing cracks, mould growth and other structural defects.

When this happens, it is important to let the upstairs tenant know about the leakage coming from their unit. For replacement or repairs, make sure to hire only licenced concrete waterproofing experts. Wrong waterproofing application can lead to further damage and costly repairs.



2) Roof puddles

Puddles or ponding is a very common problem on buildings with flat roofs. When it rains, a flat roof collects water from the surface and seeps into ceilings causing leakage. Standing water on a roof can deteriorate the structure. Any leakage caused by ponding should be immediately fixed to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

Sydney waterproofing professionals often recommend liquid-applied membranes to resolve flat roof leakages.

3) Poor waterproofing

Most waterproofing problems including leakage and moisture are a result of faulty waterproofing installation. Poor roof or floor waterproofing degrades the integrity of the structure and can cause big issues to other occupants of the building. It can affect business operations as well as cause damage to the property or equipment of tenants occupying lower levels. This could become very expensive with repairs and possible replacement of equipment.

Ensure that the waterproofing contractor you hire is attentive to details and knows the correct waterproofing application for specific roof types.

4) Poor Maintenance

Even the smallest leak can cause the biggest damage when things start to rot. Regular roof inspection and maintenance is recommended to keep your roof in the best condition. If you notice any thing that resembles damage, call a waterproofer right away.

You can hire professional waterproofing contractors in Sydney. It’s better to spend on less expensive prevention measures than spend on costly repairs.

How to resolve strata roof leaks?

Strata waterproofing requires the expertise of professional waterproofers. To get the best installation and remedial advice, hire a professional Sydney waterproofing contractor to examine your building. The contractor will thoroughly address damages in your building and recommend solutions that work best for your property.

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