3 reasons why waterproofing measures fail

Published 20 Nov 2018

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Updated 20th August 2019

For most people, the waterproofing measures that they have put in place are extremely effective, and water is prevented from seeping into water-sensitive areas and causing damage. However, there are some instances where those waterproofing measures fail, which results in wasted money, resources and even more water damage. Across Sydney, waterproofing measures are poorly put in place in residential and commercial buildings, and these poorly-placed measure result in homeowners and business owners having to spend more money to get the waterproofing replaced. Here are some of the main reasons as to why waterproofing measures fail.

Poor preparation

Any issues with waterproofing often begin at the start of the processes. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration when before starting any type of waterproofing procedure, such as whether the surface has been cleaned, whether the surface is level and whether the surface drains water effectively. All of these measures are especially important for waterproofing procedures such as balcony membrane waterproofing, where the often-small space needs to be meticulously inspected for any deformation, dirt or debris.

Pre-existing moisture

In order for a surface to be waterproofed, the surface itself needs to be completely dry. However, this sometimes may not be case, and the surface to be waterproofed may still have a build-up of moisture is a few overlooked areas. This results in the waterproof membrane failing to do its job properly, which results in additional costs. When waterproofing any surface, always make sure to assess the moisture of the surface you’re waterproofing, even going as far as inspecting the mortar and brickwork that surrounds the surface.

Failure to prime

Before a waterproof membrane can be applied to any surface, the surface itself needs to be primed. Priming any surface prepares it for the waterproof procedure which to be applied and allows for the waterproofing solution to adhere to the surface. Failing to prime the surface will result in an uneven and uneasy surface to apply the waterproof membrane to, resulting in moisture seeping into the surface and causing damage.

These are just some of the reasons for why waterproofing measures will sometimes fail. Often, this will come down to poor workmanship and poor preparation. If you’re looking for experts who can effectively waterproofing any surface that you need waterproofed, talk to Titan Waterproofing, one of Sydney’s leading waterproofing companies. Our highly-experience team has some of the nation’s experts of waterproofing procedures and we’ll work with you to find the waterproofing solution that’s right for you. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 1300 761 219 today.


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